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Reverend Diane Responds

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Comment about the October 4th Daily Pray-It-Forward: "Lift your eyes to Love..."

I love this!

Rev Diane's Response:

Thanks You're so welcome Lori! Isn't it amazing how quickly holy shift can happen for us?

Thank you for praying attention with your life. Your upward look makes others lift there eyes too (If for nothing else than to see what's fascinating you so much)!

Here's to the fascination of Love... 

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Comment about the September 28th Daily Pray-It-Forward: "You're ready!"

You’re the best, Rev. Diane! Literally...about 20 minutes ago as I was doing my laundry, and speaking to God...I said to Krsna...I Am Ready! This, just certainly confirms my conscious unity with Divine Power! Thank you for being such a beautiful gift to me, and everyone else that reads your words...



Rev Diane's Response:

Dear Leighton,

Right back at you! Look how quickly you’re picking up what the Universe is putting down. In fact, special delivering to your inbox! Sign City!!!

I love that you’re gratefully feeling and sharing the enteos of your amazing life with me, and I appreciate your appreciation!

With Loving De-Light,


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Comment about the September 23rd Daily Pray-It-Forward:

"Winds of change blow, so open your windows!"

So very appropriate today, my dear friend! 

Much love, 


Rev Diane's Response:

Hey Paula!

It's windy where you are too, eh?

Well, I see you spreading your arms and heart akimbo into the winds of change, and using every bit of It to soar... in ways that you, Paula, and only you, are made to take off and be majestically you!

Can I get an Amen and Awomen?

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Question about August 21st Daily Pray-it-Forward:

"Let the evidence against you fall away..."

Hello Rev. Diane. We met at Unity in New York a few weeks back. Hoping you are well and that your brother and you are navigating peacefully down the road you mentioned that Sunday. ️ I’m curious about what was the inspiration for today’s Pray Attention meditation. Peace and Blessings~ Alison

Rev Diane's Response:

Hi Alison! My brother and I had a successful stem cell transplant on August 2. It took seven hours and my body was able to produce 640 million stem cells for him! Twice the amount they were hoping for. I got to be there with the hospital chaplain, his wife, and the nurse to bless the bag of stem cells before they hooked it up in his IV. Life is amazing…

What inspired the pray-it-forward that you liked is a tai chi move that I teach from called closing. It encourages the simplicity of dropping whatever we have held negatively about ourselves or another into the gap between our thoughts and letting it return to its native nothingness so we can move on with an unweighted lightness of being.

If I can ever offer you any coaching, prayer, or support of any kind, please don’t hesitate to call. Have a glorious day!

Loving De-Light, Diane

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