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Simple, Inspiring Practices for Grateful Living

Everyone knows what it means to be grateful...or do we? There's a certain kind of knowing that comes only from doing. Through these practice sessions you will deepen your understanding of gratefulness and, better yet, send it out in ripples, transforming our world.

Gratefulness for Water

Grief and Gratefulness

Finding Guidance through the Labyrinth

Count Your Blessings

Being Grateful for Your Uniqueness

Deepening Your Sense of Belonging

Practicing gratefulness in all circumstances

Exploring the Heart of Your Spiritual Journey

Strengthening Your Inner Child Through Gratefulness

How can I find inner peace through gratefulness?

The Practice of Using Your Nose

Harvesting the Past Gratefully

How can I create peace in our world through gratefulness?

How do animals teach gratefulness?

How can I practice awareness of angels?

Practicing gratitude for the marvels of the body

Each practice has a place to leave messages.

To access these directly see Message Boards for Practices.

You can also take part in e-courses on various aspects of living life fully.