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Donate and Tithe

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Thank you for your

tax-deductible contribution

It's easy to give

to our non-profit, interfaith ministry and mission

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  • For one time donations, use the DONATE button below
  • For ongoing, regularly scheduled donations (tithing), use the SUBSCRIBE button below. Choose the amount you want to give from the selections provided.
  • Feeling Creative? If you'd like to donate in a different way, such as pass along frequent flier miles, please contact Rev Diane.
Tithing Options

Support Pray Attention Ministries with Amazon Smile.

If you want Amazon to donate to Pray Attention Ministries, you need to start each shopping session at the URL, and we will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases.

"... It's such an easy way to give (once I remember to sign up, very easy with pay-pal). Now I don't have to think about it, the Universe

 (acting as pay-pal) just does if for me every month!" - CC

A New Thought on Tithing… If you’re already tithing, you know why you are, and what you are receiving as a result. Congrats for having the courage and wisdom to keep tithing as your abundance flows!

If you’ve not yet tithed it can seem like an outer rule and reg of old thought religiosity. I know, yuck. While that motivation can work, I wouldn’t tithe because someone says I should. Why?

Tithing is a wonderful investment opportunity!

There’s nothing magical that happens. You just increase what you love, by wisely using what has been given to you. You receive so you can give and then keep it flowing…. exponentially.

For you to tithe is for you to Pray-It-Forward, big-time, because it affects your prosperity on every level. It’s a way to give back and invest in what you love and want to increase in your life and our world, until it feels so good you want to keep doing it all the time.

What you’re doing is demonstrating your belief in your Abundance, as you Practice the Presence of God.

You and I have been given 100% of everything we have; and we tithe 10% to “prime the pump” by giving to our earthly re-sources, knowing we live under grace. As you give, so you receive.” Really! 

Why tithe to Pray Attention Ministries?

  • IF you have been and are being uplifted and inspired by Your Daily Pray-It-Forward messages
  • IF our prayers have brought you definitive evidence of God’s presence and power within you
  • IF we have served you and your ministry in ways that have and are benefitting your life
  • IF you’ve received spiritual direction, counseling, coaching or guidance through our ministry
  • IF we have and are providing a place for you to bring your concerns, be heard, Seen, and lifted up, as you find your best way through those experiences through the Light within you
  • IF we’ve helped you vision what you want, and given you tools to move you forward in your magnificent, grand adventure with Spirit guiding your path
  • IF you want to praise God with us, and help us spread our ministry throughout the world… 

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Bottom line – tithing is an excellent way for you to keep the flow of divine Energy moving into and through people, places and things you want to see more of in your life.

Here’s to you giving and tithing of the myriad ways you are blessed, with resounding Joy!

Thank You very much!

Blessings of Light and Love to you, all ways.