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About Pray Attention Ministries ...

Our non-profit is a global alternative 'church without walls' with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Diane, ordained in 1997, has served churches in VA and FL, 

and has joyfully led ministry since 2010. 

Here's the deal: Prayer is a verb; and you are a Living Prayer! 

As we Pray Attention ~ we Home In on our values and share them, 

in inclusively user-friendly ways, throughout our world...

Thank You God!

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Our ministry is here, for you, to enhance your life!

We encourage an openness of Spirit, Mind and Body through inspiring thoughts, prayer, conscious conversations, movement, sacred services, and maieutic coaching - to lighten up into whatever's going on, with clarity, focus, ease, and grace...

About Rev Diane...

Diane, joyfully nicknamed, the woman of a thousand prayers, is delighted to be leading Pray Attention Ministries out of Naples FL. She  serves where she is Guided  - speaking, teaching, writing, facilitating classes, retreats ,and spiritual journeys.  As an adventurer, she's birthed two fabulous sons, trekked El Camino in Spain (twice), summited the world's highest mountain pass, and she puts her feet on the floor every day, just like you!  Right now (2021) she's virtually walking St Francis Way in Italy with her former church administrator,  co-MC ing Unity's Annual  Convention with Rev Shawn Moninger (the man of a thousand swears,), and enjoying  life's ups and downs with her beloved family, friends, and precious dog, Angel...

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Through Pray Attention Ministries, Diane serves people of all walks of life. Her disarming fresh perspectives positively and progressively up-shift individuals and groups, wherever she goes. She'd love to be present, however is best for y​ou!

What Pray Attention can do for you or your community:

  • Interactive Experiences to help bring forth divine wisdom from within you...
  • Church Ministry in every form, with the Formless
  • Mentoring for Ministers, Boards, Prayer Chaplains
  • Spiritual Coaching, Consulting (individuals, couples, groups)
  • Special Services and Classes
  • Weddings, Christenings, Memorial Celebrations of Life...
  • Interactive Prayershops
  • Sacred Geometry Talks / Labyrinth Walks
  • Individual and Team Goal-setting and Visioning
  • Creative Writing Experiences
  • Co-inspired Events to suit your needs
  • Group Retreats and Spiritual Journeys
  • Unity Spiritual Social Action Events 

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• Now that you know more about us, Watch so we can Pray Attention together.

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